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The End (for now!)

27. August 2013 - written by Super at 16:52

This annoucement is very late but decided to do it anyway. The guild has currently died and is no longer active. There are still some players in the guild and if they wish to stay then that is fine with me! If you dont then I wish you all the best and hope your experience in WoW continues to be great.

So for now we are currently not accepting any applications but that might change in the future. I (Brotato, or Super as I'm known to most) will most likely wait out till the next expansion and hope to resume my WoW days then. Im still around though but playing very casually and mostly on alts.

I wont say Good Bye as I'm not going away but will say this; See you later ( or soon depending if we bump into eachother playing Wow or any other great game).



Lei Shen Dead! 12/12 Down!

14. May 2013 - written by Super at 22:34

Lei Shen Killshot

New Website

20. April 2013 - written by Heif at 13:18


So, what the hell happened here?

As some - or most - of you might have noticed Google decided to list this website as being compromised and potentially dangerous. To get the important part out of the way: There is and was no actual security risk. So why did Google decide to list the site if there was no danger? Because there was a security issue with a former ad provider for EQDKP (the framework that is used for this site). And while no potentially dangerous content was actually displayed here, there was information leading back to that ad provider in the source code -- which of course is the only thing automated Google processes can really check. So basically: Because said provider was blacklisted, all sites containing links to that provider were blacklisted as well ... including this one.

While there was no actual risk, I decided to take this opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of EQDKP. Unfortunately that one is not backwards compatible as it is a completely new version. So essentially this is a site that's freshly set up -- hopefully with the most important data being imported properly. Things might not work as intended for a while, there might be bugs. If you find anything, let me know (something that did get lost in the process were the news Frown ). The visual styles for the main site and the forums currently don't match. I don't really consider that a priority, so it might take a while before that is "fixed".

Either way -- hopefully everything will be working properly soon, but the basics should be there already. Some things are even better: Logging in once now logs you into both the website and the forums for example! Wooho!

I submitted the site for a recheck by Google, so the pesky warning should hopefully be gone soon as well (although it probably will take a few days).


-- Heif